ECS SMOKE SCHOOL is an EPA Method 9 visible emissions certification/training provider. We provide the field test certification, as well as the classroom certification.

With a combined 50 years of experience in air quality, smoke school instruction, and environmental specialists duties, you can have confidence in your certification from ECS SMOKE SCHOOL.

Our schools are half day, and typically begin at 8:00 a.m. We provide plenty of cold premium drinks, water, and snacks for all attendees. We also have a very nice prize drawing at the conclusion of our smoke schools.


About Us

​​ Lisa Cadera


EPA Method 9 Visible Emissions Certification Provider

The Prize Table

lloyd blount

Classroom Instructor/Operator

Restoring Cushman Scooters lends extra attention to detail in Lloyd's abilities to present the important points in the classroom session of smoke school. Lloyd has conducted over 5000 smoke school certification sessions/classrooms. This 23 year retiree of LDEQ held the following positions/duties - environmental specialist, air quality & solid waste division, small business assistance program, program manager of LDEQ municipal facilities division, confidential assistant to LDEQ secretary.

your instructors

Jason Bennett

Lloyd Blount

Jason Bennett

Smoke school instructor/operator

Former pro rodeo PRCA member, professional tennis player, airplane pilot, now nationally ranked dog agility competitor. Jason is also the driver of the ECS SMOKE SCHOOL #m9 race car, and competes all across the southern US in dirt track racing. Jason has conducted over 5000 smoke school certifications sessions, as a field test and classroom instructor in the states of LA-AR-MS-FL-GA-TX-OH-MI.

Lisa Cadera

Classroom Instructor/Operator

Former firefighter Lisa Cadera has worked in the oil refinery and chemical production fields as an emissions specialist. She currently has 200 sessions of smoke school certifications as an instructor/operator under her belt.